Giant Strides Heelys Range

Heelys shoes with wheels were first created and sold by American, Roger Adams, in 2000. His idea for the wheeled shoes began in 1998 when he was on holiday and watching kids skate up and down the streets on their inline skates and he had an idea of a shoe that could roll just by shifting your body weight.
The first pair of Heelys were then created. Adams says, “I cut up a pair of running shoes, taking a hot butter knife and cutting out the heels. Then I ran a rod through the heel, and used one of the wheels from a skateboard.” Since then, boys and girls have been seen "heeling" as a new form of transport. 
In just the first year, 1.25 million pairs of Heelys were sold. Heelys are now being sold in 30 different countries and have become a more practical and easier to use option than skates or roller blades as Heelys let the wearer shift from walking to skating without changing footwear.
As an approved UK Heelys stockist, Giant Strides have a huge selection of Heelys for both boys and girls ready for immediate delivery. We supply the best range of Heelys for kids up to a junior UK size 6.

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